Co-Founder, CEO

Mr. PG Trivedi: A Visionary Leader Behind NiceG's Phenomenal Growth

Meet Mr. Parashar G. Trivedi, the mastermind behind NiceG rainwear. With his unwavering vision and entrepreneurial spirit, NiceG has blossomed into a leading manufacturing company for rainwear and winterwear. In 2000, armed with a mere capital of Rs. 50,000, he laid the foundation for this remarkable venture.

Under Mr. Trivedi's exceptional leadership, NiceG has achieved remarkable milestones, expanding to three branches across two states in just 18 years. His extensive decade-long experience in the industry makes him the driving force behind the company's overall policy and marketing functions.

Having developed a profound understanding of the textile and garment market, Mr. Trivedi continually enhances his manufacturing and production skills. He remains abreast of the latest trends in this ever-evolving industry, fueled by his commitment to establish NiceG as a trailblazer and a potential game-changer.

Mr. Trivedi's outstanding success is attributed to his dedication in nurturing strong business relationships with suppliers and customers. Over the years, he has built a network based on trust and reliability, cementing NiceG's reputation in the industry.

We are truly fortunate to have Mr. Parashar G. Trivedi as the driving force behind NiceG, inspiring us all to push boundaries and redefine possibilities in the world of rainwear. His visionary leadership paves the way for a bright future as we continue to evolve and make a lasting impact.
Co-Founder, Creative Director

Miss Divya Trivedi: A Driving Force Behind Our Success

Meet Miss Divya Trivedi, a young and dynamic director at NiceG. As a company promoter and financial expert, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring our financial well-being. With her keen business acumen and realistic approach, Miss Divya is a valuable team player who propels the company forward.

Not only does Miss Divya excel in financial matters, but she also brings her passion for fashion to life. She has embarked on her own venture, launching a remarkable line of handbags. Her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit are an inspiration to all.

With expertise in fundraising and marketing strategies, Miss Divya, along with Mr. Parashar, forms the engine that drives NiceG towards greater heights. Her unwavering commitment to our company's growth and her relentless pursuit of excellence make her an invaluable asset to our team.
CO-Founder, CEO

Ms. Rekha Trivedi: A Creative and Compassionate Leader at NiceG

Meet Ms. Rekha Trivedi, one of the promoters and directors at NiceG. With her creative flair and friendly nature, she plays a vital role in our Nice Family, overseeing exceptional designs and administrative aspects. Ms. Rekha's value to the company is immeasurable.

Beyond her creativity, Ms. Rekha brings compassion to the core of our organization. Known for her caring nature, she is beloved by employees. Her calm and cooperative personality creates a positive work environment. Acting as a bridge between management and departments, she enhances performance and fosters collaboration.

Ms. Rekha's involvement in charitable and social activities exemplifies our company's founding principles. She is a true embodiment of our values.

We are grateful to have Ms. Rekha Trivedi as an integral part of NiceG. Her creativity, compassion, and dedication inspire us all, making our company thrive.


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