Whether you’re working or traveling, headed to the store or a play date, NiceG is your multi-functional bag that’s with you through it all. Because you deserve a bag that can do it all, just like you.


Divya Trivedi - FOUNDER/CEO

I’ve been obsessed with bags my entire life.
Me as a little girl: I tucked away every bit of my little joys from birthdays and special moments just to add those enchanting bags to my collection.
Me as a young adult:
Navigating the world of bags, exploring styles and designs that fueled my passion.
Me as an adult:
Fast forward to today, and guess what? I kick-started my very own bag company—it had to be bags, obviously!

From childhood dreams to adulting reality, my life has always been knitted with the threads of bags. 🌈👜

Women founded

"Founded by a Woman, Driven by Passion: NiceG was founded by a visionary woman, fueled by her passion and unwavering dedication. With a profound understanding of people's needs, she embarked on a mission to make lives easier through empathy and outstanding design. At NiceG, we thrive on creating happiness and building meaningful connections. We are genuinely grateful to have you here, joining us on this remarkable journey."

Our Commitment to Mother Earth 🌍

To us, it’s a necessity. We strive not to be jerks to Mother Earth, valuing and respecting her. Recognizing the importance of leaving less of a footprint, we are dedicated to becoming a more eco-friendly brand every day.

Be a part of NiceG family & travel with us..!!

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