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Mustard Boho Sling Bag

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  • Description

    This cotton jacquard handmade cross-body bag with double compartments is multi-functional; use it as a pouch to store your essentials inside your handbag or carry it like a sling bag. This cross-body bag is restrained by a zippered closure. The inside is lined with a cotton fabric. The bag has a simple but functional design for everyday use.

    Double compartment

    Size 8 × 5 inches Base 3 inch

    Adjustable long belt

    Material - Jackquard

  • Specifications

    Adjustable long belt

    Material - Jackquard

  • Size & Fit

    Size 8 × 5 inches Base 3 inch

  • Usage & Care

    NiceG products are a great choice as your go-to everyday option. You can prolong the life of the products more by following some of our tips below.

    Question - How to clean your NiceG products?

    Answer - For the vegan leather, wipe the stain off by using a cotton pad soaked in any oil (for instance use coconut oil. For the fabric portion, wipe it with a dry cloth.

    Question - How to store your NiceG products?

    Answer - Store your products in such a position that it doesn’t flatten. For example, if you plan to start using your new bags in a few days, retain the paper fillings received at the time of delivery. This helps retain the original shape of your bags. Similarly, do not put any heavy object on top of your empty NiceG wallets and accessories.

    Question - How to increase the life of your NiceG products?

    Answer - Always keep your NiceG bags and wallets on a shelf. Avoid keeping the bags hung for a long time, since this can cause wear and tear to the handles. Similarly, avoid keeping any pointed objects on the wallet. Also, avoid over stuffing the wallet, since this might cause damage to the zippers.

Mustard Boho Sling Bag

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